Our Sacred Ceremony Programs

Performing and participating in sacred ceremony is an integral part of the self-empowerment process.  Sacred ceremonies provide a focal point for cultivating discipline and devotion, both of which are essential to bring out a person’s highest potential.  Sacred ceremony can be simple or complex and must fit the innate disposition of each person.  We offer two distinct types of sacred ceremony, both designed to help empower individuals.  Our sacred fire ceremonies (also known as homa or havan) use fire as a focal point for worship, which helps activate and strengthen will power and single pointed focus.  We also perform a very unique Devi puja that is designed to empower and awaken the innate capabilities in individual people through use of worship and offerings to a living person.

Sacred Fire Ceremony – Monthly Ganapati Homa

Gita for the Masses performs a monthly Ganapati (Ganesha) homa for removal of obstacles in life. If you’d like to set a solid foundation in your life and overcome personal obstacles, attend or sponsor our monthly fire ceremonies. In addition to a monthly Ganapati homam, we perform special fire ceremonies during the spring and fall Navaratri honoring Kali, Durga and Chandi Devi. You can find specific dates on our calendar page or contact us directly for more information and location.

Sacred fire ceremonies help people to connect with their inner fire which is strongly linked with the capacity for will power, determination and sankalpa shakti.  They can facilitate a process of burning away karma and negativity that does not serve ones highest potential.  Gita for the Masses is committed to providing these extremely powerful sacred ceremonies to the public in an open, all inclusive and cost effective manner.

Sponsor A Homam

Use the form to the right to make an annual Ganapati Homa sponsorship and be included in the sankalpa of each month's fire ceremony!

All sponsors and family members will have their names included in the sankalpa of each monthly fire ceremony for an entire year.  All donations and contributions received go towards supporting our Sacred Ceremony program.  We also welcome donations of flowers, prasad, organic unsalted butter (we make our own ghee) camphor and small homa wood.  If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact us directly by phone or e-mail to check on current needs and make arrangements.

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Devi Puja – Cultivating the Living Goddess

We perform a very unique form of puja known as Devi Puja.  One of the more esoteric Shakti-based practices is to worship God through a living form, as all people carry to the God force inside of them.  It’s an extremely powerful transformative practice for both the worshiper and the person being worshiped.  Performing or receiving a Devi Puja is helps both participants become empowered and receive benefits more quickly, and potently, than performing puja to an icon or murti.

Part of the process of spiritual growth is known as establishment; when a person becomes established in a flow of meditative or God consciousness.  Devi puja helps to awaken and establish different aspects of this God energy in the subtle body.  The puja can be done in different ways, as per the needs of the individual.  They can offer protection (for example a Khadgamala Devi Puja), direct empowerment of your core energy and innate nature and facilitate a process of awakening you to new realms of consciousness (for example, Kala Avahanam).

Devi Puja is where Bhakti meets Shakti.  It’s the crossroads between sacred worship, empowerment and divine love.  Devi Puja can be performed on both men and women as a means of subtle body purification and can also involve the use of masculine deities and energies in place of the Goddess (think Rudra, Ganesha, Subramanian, Vishnu, and so on).  For our work, we emphasize this as a potent form of women’s empowerment and a way to help people see and feel the sacred in everyone they meet.

Devi Puja Benefits

      • Potent means of Self-empowerment
      • Beautiful partner technique to cultivate sacred relationship
      • Direct establishment of positive attributes within the subtle body
      • Learn to see the divinity that resides in every living form
      • Devi Puja is where Jnana meets Bhakti and Shakti all in one