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Sri Sri Sri Jaya Jaya Myra Parameshwari Devi - Myra Godfrey
Sri Sri Sri Jaya Jaya Myra Parameshwari Devi - Myra GodfreyFounder & Director

About Myra

Bio & Mission
Myra Godfrey is the Founder and Board Chair of Gita for the Masses.  An internationally published writer, speaker and activist of sacred lifestyle, her teachings help people to realize the Self and God within through individual dharma and lifepath, by living empowered, integrated lives.  She emphasizes a conscious Shakti perspective of integrated dynamic living that embraces every part of life (including career, relationships, sex, money, power and matter) as a powerful component of one’s spiritual pursuit.

Myra’s teachings cater to the problems individuals and societies currently face with an emphasis on teaching the character development necessary to live a fully empowered, conscious lifestyle.  She works with people to overcome obstacles, maintain radiant physical health, develop a confident Self-image and have the courage to make a difference in this world.

Myra received her formal education in Molecular Biology, working for several years as a scientist trying to discover mechanisms for health and healing.  She simultaneously worked in non-profit management, with an emphasis on communication and fine arts expression, including writing, dance and yoga.  It was at this time in 2006 that Myra met Swami Sri Atmananda and learned knowledge of the Bhagavad-Gita, which dynamically changed her world view.  She went on to receive Guru initiation and continue her study.  The nature of pre-clinical testing (which uses animals as a research model) took its toll both emotionally and physically.  Myra would think to herself, “Why do we use research models which impose great suffering and death to try and find the way to heal mankind?  It does not make sense!”  With an intensified faith, she left this behind to find another way.

Myra continued her path towards God and the Divine Mother studying with masters from diverse traditions, including Native American customs, Raj Yoga, Sri Vidya and Divine Mother worship.  After beginning the study of Sri Vidya, the force of the Divine Mother herself directly initiated Myra into her most supreme Panchadashi and Shodashi mantras and gave her the direct realization of God.  Following these experiences Myra received Purna Diksha into the Sri Vidya linege by Guruji Amritananda Natha while in Andhra Pradesh, India in 2010.  Recognizing that all Truth is One, just expressed in different ways, Myra sees the unique approach of Gita, interpreted from the perspective of the Divine Feminine, as a way to bring diverse people together to make a difference in the world.  Her realization of these teachings speak to the problems of the western mind and lifestyle, showing an integrated step by step approach to overcome all obstacles in life.

My Favorite Projects
My favorite project to date has been creating the Making Life a Living Victory course, both in doing the direct Sanskrit translation and Shakti focused commentary.  At first I wondered why the prompting had come to do it; when I delved into it, I was truly amazed.  The things revealed to me during the process of working on the project were both profound and humbling.  I am very blessed to be doing this work!

The Highest Accomplishment
I can sum up my greatest accomplishment in one word…”Jaya”.  Jaya is a sanskrit word meaning victory, but more specifically, inner victory.  Jaya is winning the war within ones own psyche and life in order to fully and profoundly live one’s life calling.  Jaya for me is a combination of Self-knowledge and invincible will-power combined with a heart of pure devotion to the Universe, God and All That IS.
Works in Progress
I recently completed writing my first book entitled “Vibrational Healing” being published by Llewellyn Publishing in February 2015.  I am currently the in process of establishing a place in New York City for the beginnings of our multidisciplinary character development center, Jaya Jaya Vidya Mandir.  In my free time (what’s that??) I run my own communications consulting company, helping businesses and organizations create strategic, brand-centric conscious communications and marketing plans.
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do
I love, love, love to dance, sing and be involved in the arts.  I enjoy a good Argentine Tango as well as most types of ballroom dance and swing. I’m currently studying Indian Classical music; specifically, Carnatic style vocal.  Offering my voice through song in devotion to God brings me deep joy.

About Collin

With a degree in general linguistics, I bring a varied background to Gita for the Masses, one which includes a past Fulbright Fellowship in Germany and travel in both Europe and India. When the opportunity to contribute my talents to an organization aimed fostering individual empowerment through time-tested and potent spiritual psychology presented itself, it took no convincing!

Since I was a young child, I have felt a connection to the numinous, and pursued various avenues attempting to find a deeper way in. In October 2010, I received purna diksha into the Sri Vidya tradition, which centers on Goddess-inflected worship in an integrative, life-affirming way, from my guru Sri Amritananda Natha at Devipuram in Andhra Pradesh, India. The insights and methodology offered by the Bhagavad Gita as interpreted by Myra are quite powerful and dovetail nicely, I find, with the Divine Feminine-oriented systems!

My Favorite Projects
I enjoyed assisting with the translation of some of the key phrases of the Making Life a Living Victory course, those that can yield deeper, richer meanings.

The Highest Accomplishment
Coming soon…
My Work in Progress
I am currently delving more deeply into the study of the Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi languages.
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do
I enjoy languages, including nonverbal ones! Beautiful, simple conversation with no agenda is a true pleasure. Travel and exposure to new things, people, and ideas is stimulating. I like free-form dance and various kinds of movement, including yoga asana—I find them invigorating.

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Collin Ferrari
Collin FerrariVice President & Chief Operating Officer

Meet Our Advisory Board

Shomik Chaudhuri
Shomik ChaudhuriAdvisory Board Member
Shomik is the COO for Parikh Worldwide Media & VP/UN Representative for the Institute of International Social Development.
Nanda Nayar
Nanda NayarAdvisory Board Member
Nanda is the President & CEO of Eight AV Inc. and Sapasa Music.