Meditation for Inner Victory

Gain the ability to be uniquely yourself in life.  Have the clarity, confidence and calibur of courage necessary to live your own unique dharma and life’s calling.  Connect to your personal God or the aspect of yourself you most want to cultivate.  It’s all within your reach with Meditation for Inner Victory.

Meditation for inner Victory (MIV) is a unique visualization and pranayam based meditation technique that serves several practical purposes in life.  It will bring clarity, confidence and courage to your life and help guide you towards living your own unique dharma or life’s calling.  It will also help protect you and keep out external influences that are not in alignment with your highest potential.  Meditation for Inner Victory is a good technique to use when learning to deepen into natural states of meditation by aligning you with your own core energy.

  • It takes only 20 minutes a day to do and with committed practice can change how you perceive and interact with your life.
  • It pushes away negative external influences while helping you discover who you deeply are.
Meditation for Inner Victory starts with mantra repetition, the Hridaya mantra that is shown in the video below, then progresses into a 15 minute visualization and pranayam technique.  It works by aligning all of your energy, also known as the gunas sattwa, rajas and tamas with the core God form or energy you most resonate with (which is what you already are, even if you have not been able to tap into it’s depth or potential).  The three gunas are responsible for how we interact with and perceive life; when they line up and learn to interact with the aspect of God we most resonate with, life changes quickly.  Meditation for Inner Victory is a technique of the spiritual heart; it takes a person to their own depth and helps to bring this depth to the surface so it can be lived in everyday life.  When we live our depth, we live our dharma.

  • In addition to providing clarity, his technique helps build a protective barrier to keep out external influences that distract people from living their dharma.
Meditation for Inner Victory is an ishta devata technique.  An ishta devata is a form of God or Goddess that an individual uses to connect to God.  We all have our favorite aspects of God, or favorite personality that God emanates.   Some people like the ferocity of Kali while others like the peaceful beauty of Tara or Sundari.  Some people don’t focus on Gods at all and just worship the One Source energy.  This technique will help you connect with God in whatever what you conceptualize what God is.  The key behind this is whatever we most deeply resonate with is already a part of our own innate nature or swabhava.  Meditation for Inner Victory helps an individual to tap into this energy so it becomes an active and awakened part of one’s personality; when we can connect with an energy, we can live and manifest that energy.

  • Whatever you resonate with is already a part of you.  Learn to bring out this depth in yourself and cultivate the character you want to live!
  • Tap into your hidden potential and learn to be fully yourself.
  • MIV combines an awareness based technique with a devotional practice to balance the intellect and heart.
Currently, Sri Sri Sri Jaya Jaya Myra Parameshwari Devi is the only person teaching this technique.  She has not trained anyone else to transit this technique.  If you would like to learn, please contact us directly to schedule a time.  Myra is available both for appointments both in NJ and NYC and also periodically to other areas where she travels, including the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of MN.  If you’d like to attend an MIV meditation group, please arrange to learn the technique before you attend the group meditation.  Contact us with any comments or questions you have.

  • Join us for a group meditation or inquire about starting a meditation group of your own.
  • This is a one of a kind technique not taught by anyone else.
Exact results vary from person to person.  Some people experience a deep seated peace and joy emerging from within.  Others find it makes outer life and the perceptions of life shift quickly.  Some people don’t notice anything at all, but see gradual shifts over time.  How you relate to the technique is unique to you and your own meditative process.

  • Overall, the technique helps to bring about greater clarity of ones life purpose, greater confidence and more courage to live life fully.

Meditation for Inner Victory Mantra

What Practitioners Say

This is a one-of-a-kind meditation that can transform your life quickly. If you want help connecting to your core self or the aspect of God you most admire, something to protect your unique dharma and something to provide inspiration to stay on your unique course in your life, there is no better meditation technique for you.
Jaya Jaya Myra, GFTM Founder & Director
To encourage change at the deepest level, we must access our most basic, sometimes subconscious limiting beliefs. Mantra is primal. It is recognized by our psyche at the deepest level and can access our most basic patterns and help to rebalance all aspects of our being. When combined with a meditative practice we can efficiently activate this primordial technology and put it to use in our everyday life. I encourage everyone to invest a bit of time and effort, to give this a chance, and to overcome perceived obstacles in one’s personal progress.
Joseph W., MIV Practitioner
I found Meditation for Inner Victory to be a wonderful way to expand my Spiritual center and to help cleanse myself of negativity. The chant, in combination with the meditation, really works to clear out any negativity I may have and then fills that space with positive energy and Light. And so, it not only cleanses but also expands the Spiritual center. Through this process a person is able to reach their true inner Self in a very beautiful and positive way.
Pat Thielen, MIV Practitioner
This is an exceptional technique for knowing oneself and gaining confidence to follow your dharma and life purpose.
Collin Ferrari, Vice President, Gita for the Masses

FAQ’s about Meditation for Inner Victory

Do I need to practice Meditation for Victory every day?
This technique is most effective if it is practiced daily.
Can anyone practice this technique?
Yes. This is a technique anyone can practice to connect more deeply with themselves.
Will it work for me?
Any practice that is done with dedication, devotion and consistency overtime will be effective. That is the science behind spirituality; whatever a person consistently does and focuses on will shape their character.
Are the meditation groups I can attend?
Yes. We host a monthly Meditation for Inner Victory meditation group. We want to create more meditation groups. If you are an active practitioner and want to host a meditation group, contact us for more information.
Who else teaches this technique?
No one. This technique was revealed to Sri Sri Sri Jaya Jaya Myra Parameshwari Devi directly. There is no one else and no other organization trained to teach or transmit this technique.

Try it for Yourself!

Meditation for Inner Victory only takes 20 minutes a day, and it can change your life. What are you waiting for?

  • Gain Clarity to Know Yourself.
  • Develop Confidence and Will-Power.
  • Cultivate Courage to Act Fearlessly.
  • Be Uniquely You. Live an Empowered Life!