Making Life a Living Victory

This is probably the most revolutionary course ever created.  It focuses on no religion, no dogma, no particular belief system and 100% on self-accountability and personal responsibility for character development, psychological growth, emotional growth and overall Self-empowerment.  These teachings are the basis for all authentic spiritual work and can benefit people of any walk of life, any religion and any dharma.

“The key to success and victorious living is in overcoming inner limitations, preconceived notions, negativity and fear.  Whatever people do not resolve inwardly, they are forced to face in outer life, which impacts and harms many people.  We have a collective responsibility towards inner-transformation to create a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.”  - Sri Sri Sri Jaya Jaya Myra Parameshwari Devi

Conscious Character Development & Self-Empowerment

Making Life a Living Victory teaches conscious character development.  It focuses on a combination of inner-contemplative practices for removing negative thought and belief patterns while simultaneously growing and empowering a person’s unique strengths and talents.  This is an integral part of conscious living for people of any faith, belief, religion or spirituality.  It shows the process of navigating the psychological and emotional growth we all must go through to be in touch with our highest potential.

Since Making Life A Living Victory teaches conscious character development, it is an integral tool for Self-empowerment based on knowing the core Self within.  The commentary heavily emphasizes the Shakti perspective of Gita which has not been openly taught before.  Shakti is the Sanskrit word for “power” or “capability” and is depicted as the feminine half of God.  Transcendental philosophy without Shakti is impotent and Shakti without transcendental guidance lacks clarity.  Each without the other is incomplete, but a person who learns how to live an integrated life containing both is capable of accomplishing anything they resolve to do, including changing the world.

This approach provides a platform for success in life by teaching a step-by-step approach to align the ego completely with the heart’s inner knowing.  It honors the entire world and process of life as a powerful guiding force to discovering our deepest Self, which makes it a potent tool in learning to overcome obstacles and be victorious in all aspects of life, both material and spiritual.

If you would like more information about the course structure, fees or having this course taught at your center, contact us directly by phone or e-mail and we’d be happy to discuss it with you! You can take a look at our MLLV Media Kit here.


Who is MLLV For?
It is for anyone and everyone that wants to be consciously self-empowered to make a difference in the world.
What are the course structure and fees?
The course is structured as a 75-hour training series with approximately 25 hours of in-class interactive time and 50 hours of self study. This gives participants an introduction to the teachings without having to commit to a long, in-depth training. Fees for the course will vary depending on where the class is taught and other related details. For people who complete this course and want to learn more, we are working on developing an extended course of study which is anticipated to be launched in 2015.
Is this Hindu?
No. It belongs to no religion. MLLV utilizes the Bhagavad Gita because of its prowess in psychological and emotional growth. Many great saints and teachers have spoken of Gita as being timeless and applicable to anyone in any age or culture. Myra is amongst this group, teaching it in a universal approach to integral character development and Self-empowerment.
Why the Focus on Shakti?
MLLV is both a Shakti and spiritual heart centered commentary on Gita. The Shakti side of Gita has never before been openly taught, yet it holds the key to empower individuals and society at large. Bhagavad Gita means “Song of God,” yet the transcendental piece is all that has been expounded on in translations and commentaries, until now. Shakti breathes life into everything; without it, a teaching is just philosophy. With it, philosophy shows the secret to empowered living.
Is This Watered Down Spirituality?
Absolutely not. In fact, many people might find the directness and no BS approach towards the Self as intimidating and frightening.
Will it Make Me Feel Good?
Probably not at first. In fact, it may make life seem more difficult. This is not roses and cupcakes spirituality….it’s the real deal for people who sincerely want to make progress, no matter how difficult that is.
Does it Talk About the Goddess?
Yes. MLLV talks about the different aspects of the Goddess or Divine Mother, Maha Maya, however your conceptualize it, explaining how these facets of God (and the psyche) are responsible for different phases of growth, life and empowered living. If you don’t believe in “gods or goddesses” that’s alright. These energies can be viewed as different aspects of the one Supreme Godhead, or if you don’t believe in God at all, as the different components of the psyche. Regardless of how you relate to the teachings, they can help you be a more empowered, dynamic person.
Explain How This is Different...
This course is based on the process of life, not on the result. There is no delineated place or thing to attain to; only what is in your own heart, and that is unique for each individual. Most spiritual seekers focus on a false external notion of what they think God to be. MLLV focuses entirely on the process of life, how to make empowered decisions, how to know what is right or wrong for your individual self at any given time and more.
How Does This Relate to Leadership?
By creating conscious individuals that are capable of accurately assessing any situation in the moment, without preconceived notions of right and wrong. This course teaches people how to discern clearly, how to be in the present moment and how to assess things as they are, not as we want to perceive them.
How is Empowerment Related to Spirituality?
It is impossible to move to a place of love, clarity and open-heartedness without being Self-empowered. People try to do it all of the time and fail miserably. They face obstacles in life, then give up on their dreams. They get jaded through time and only see the negative. They run to a teacher in the guise of surrender and love, when in reality they are merely seeking shelter from someone they perceive to be more capable than themselves. All of this happens due to lack of empowerment, and none of it is sustainable.

Course Benefits

  • Self-empowerment based on your own unique core Self and inner knowing.
  • Individual transformation leading to social change.
  • Character and confidence building based on ancient spiritual philosophy.
  • A never before looked at Shakti interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita.
  • Integrated, empowered spiritual living for the modern material world.


You’ll never look at life the same way again.
Jaya Jaya Myra, GFTM Founder & Director, MLLV Course Creator
Delivering fresh insights and a powerful immediacy from the Bhagavad Gita, the Making Life a Living Victory Course will show you how you can live a more expansive, aware, and meaningful existence. Its direct approach to self inquiry is well suited to our times’ tendency to have one’s attention pulled constantly to the surface of things. Learn what truly moves you and how to become what is in your heart!
Collin Ferrari, VP, GFTM & Sanskrit Translator of MLLV
Rawr rawr….
Pat Thielen, Founding GFTM Board Member