Welcome To Gita for the Masses

Gita for the Masses is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to share sacred teachings that help people overcome obstacles and be victorious in life. We teach a practical yet powerful real-world approach to conscious living that embraces all aspects of life.  We focus on a combination of inner shakti-focused contemplative practices which destroy negative thoughts and emotional patterns and on developing each person’s unique talents and strengths so as to find fulfillment and make positive change in the world.  This is the bridge between intellectual understanding and dynamic sacred living.  We provide individuals with a powerful toolbox of diverse techniques and knowledge to facilitate positive spiritual growth, material growth and character development.  When given the proper tools, people can learn to live balanced, successful and happy lives.

Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement
Gita for the Masses (GFTM) was created to share teachings that help people overcome obstacles and be victorious in life.

These are the five broad-based concepts our organization was founded on:

  • To promote sustainable mind-body-spirit wellness;
  • To create, sustain and support the development of spiritual, sacred and consciousness-based literature, media and artistic expression;
  • To promote personal empowerment and character development through inner-contemplative and transformative teachings;
  • To support the inherent unity of humankind, while promoting interfaith harmony and engaging in inter-religious dialogue;
  • To provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to grow spiritually.
Our goal is character development and conscious empowerment, based on deeply knowing ones-Self.  We teach people how to live dynamic spiritual lives while still being actively engaged in the world, in relationship, in career and all aspects of life.  When people are empowered, they can make a difference in the world; we want to help create self-aware, active, engaged, conscious people who have the clarity, confidence and courage to go out and make social change.  Everyone is unique and has a unique contribution to make to the world, and as such, each person has to know themselves.  Our emphasis is on diversity, not dogma.  Our teachings support the inner mystical process of psychological, emotional and spiritual growth, which is unique to each and every individual.
We use the Bhagavad-Gita as a scriptural platform teaching self-inquiry as the root of understanding oneself, combined with Tantric and Sri Vidya Shakti teachings to heal the psyche, teach personal empowerment and promote sacred lifestyle practices.  This approach shows how the transcendental and Shakti perspectives work in tandem as a unified whole.  We envision a world where people from many spiritual traditions can learn and grow together, where personal accountability and responsibility for growth are core values and where working together to bring love and compassion to the world is sacred.
What Makes GFTM Different
The way we teach is unique in that it takes a spiritual heart center approach to integrated learning and transformation.  While Tantric Shaivism utilizes Gita as a scripture of transformation and integrated learning, and many other traditions teach Gita from a renunciate perspective, the Shakti aspects of the Bhagavad Gita have not been openly taught in such a powerful, all of life embracing way.  The emphasis is on the inner war we all must face and the necessary psychological and emotional growth that is essential to living empowered, fulfilled lives (and to realizing the Self and God).

What Can This Accomplish?

  • Individual Transformation
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Inner Contemplative Practice
  • Character Development
  • Anti-Bullying Strategy
  • Anti-Violence Strategy
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Social Change
  • Gender & Social Equality for All
  • Inter-religious Dialogue
  • Interfaith Harmony