Gita for the Masses: Conscious Empowerment in Action
for the Modern Material World

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Inspiring Individuals

This is a short video by Jaya Jaya Myra introducing the conscious character development concept behind Making Life a Living Victory.

It explains how the course was created to inspire and teach people to be victorious in all aspects of life, spiritual and material, how it directly impacts inter-religious dialogue, interfaith harmony and over all self-empowerment.

Workshops & Events

Gita for the Masses offers a variety of workshops and events for empowerment, from practical spirituality to esoteric Shakta Tantra teachings.

Making Life a Living Victory

We’ve created a dynamic course of study on self-empowerment and conscious character development for victorious living.

Meditation for Inner Victory

Meditation for Inner Victory is a unique meditation, visualization and pranayam technique to help people find their core purpose for living.

Sacred Ceremony

We offer monthly homams, special sacred ceremonies and a powerful Devi Puja to help transform, elevate and inspire consciousness.